Your Art has gotten us to WEEK 4 already. Yikes! The days of making art are FLYING!

Advanced Painting: Gouache and Theme and POP and DIFFERENCES!

We’ve talked a bit about the POP art movement and you know about SOME of the POP Artists but… let’s look at some more of them. Even though I love Andy Warhol – there is more to the POP Movement than him.

Here is a video to take a look at about some POP Artists you might NOT know about.

Pauline Boty and 11 Female artists who left their mark on POP Art!

Progress Photographs as well – HERE is a GREAT video of (Not a pop artist) Matisse and the Pink Nude.

Intro to Painting: Watercolor and Landscapes / Plein Air / Book Binding / Observation

Landscapes are a SOLID part of the artmaking history and we are going to approach it in a number of ways! Collage, Photography, Observation and then… well… that’s it.

David Hockney is a contemporary painter who is still in the process of making his artwork.

    Art Foundations: Photography and Photoshop

      There is a big difference in a snapshot and a photograph. We are going to be looking at MANY approached to PHOTGRPAHS and then we will take it to PHOTOSHOP and work out the ideas of FILTERS.

      Photography through the Elements an the Principles… HERE you go!

      Annie Leibovitz – Muhammad Ali – 1996

        Advanced Digital art and Photography: Photo Manipulation and COMMUNITY!

        Photomanipulation IDEAS and the ASSIGNMENT

        Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: Photography and Photoshop and Art History

        Famous Work of Art Created through PHOTOGRAPHY and then PHOTOSHOP! HERE it is!

        Maybe you are more INSPIRED by an artwork than simply redoing it… be open to the ideas that you are having… and be inspired by a lot of artists. Check THIS out.

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