This is going to be a GREAT semester filled with @CHOICE and @CHALLENGE.

Advanced Painting: Gouache and Theme: Difference

A NOTE TO MY FOLLOWERS and MY ARTISTS. This semester is going to be a MAJOR CHANGE to the subject matter but not the mediums. Rather than specific genres of paintings for each unit, we are going to approach the units with a common theme. This semester’s theme is going to be DIFFERENCES!

What do DIFFERENCES mean? How many different directions can one go? What is it about your work that will demonstrate and exemplify the larger topic? Can it get deep? Can it be superficial and simply enjoyable to look at? Where we are going is going to be up to you – the artist! I am excited to see where this goes.


Intro to Painting: Watercolors and a Series

Do you remember Art Foundations and the experiments we did with WATERCOLORS? I bet you did! We are going to experiment again – better watercolors – visually challenging with OBSERVATION and REALISM! FLOWERS! (Maybe you’ll go EXPRESSIVE.) Who knows.

Art Foundations: Ceramics and Pottery

This may be a simple example of the final assignment but it is something that is DOABLE! Your first assignment is going to explore a NUMBER to techniques and approaches to MAKING a vessel and you have some CHOICE in how you are going to make it. Check out the assignment and get ready to get your hands muddy!

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Doodle for Google

Illustrator or Photoshop – Hand rendered and then drawn out on the platform, use of your OWN photographs – the choices are limitless! Let’s WIN this one this year! No pressure – just the WORLD watching! Doodle for Google 2023!

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: Photographs and Themes

Jessica Todd Harper, Self Portrait with Marshall, 2008. Archival pigment print. Courtesy of the artist and Rick Wester Fine Art, New York City. © Jessica Todd Harper. 

We are going to test the ideas of PHOTOGRAPHY here and approach the idea of composition (so that you are FULLY AWARE of and are beaten over the head with a sponge filled with art knowledge). The assignment gives you YOUR VERY OWN DIRECTION and the ideas of making photographs as an assignment couldn’t BE more up your alley as a high schooler who ALWAYS carries a camera. The process will take Studio Time for RESEARCH and your OWN TIME for making the images. We will be EDITING THEM in the studio with PHOTOSHOP SO… it is MORE than just snapping a picture! Let’s GO!

While I LOVE The McNay show that includes many photographers (the Jessica Todd Harper above as one of them) – The J. Paul Getty Musuem is having one for Uta Barth right now! An exhibition of a contemporary photographer is happening – Let’s GO!

Uta Barth – Peripheral Vision – J. Paul Getty Museum

Uta Barth – Modern Art Notes Podcast Interview with Tyler Green – FOR EXTRA CREDIT – LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE and give me 5 strong TAKE-A-WAYS!

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