We STILL have 2 days of Studio Time in EACH STUDIO CLASS – work, and Work, and WORK TIME!

Intro to Painting – Canvas Building and BEGINNING YOUR PAINTING!

How did Elaine DeKooning BREAK the Presidential Portrait Rules? Let’s Take a LOOK. Click the image above to read article and you can add to the conversation.

What is the style you are working in? There are MANY techniques that are available as we are in a CONTEMPORARY TIME. There is not just ONE approach so DO NOT RESTRICT yourself. Make sure you are using ALL of the techniques. I saw a lot of attempts AND the materials need to be pushed more!

Art Foundations – METALS and NATURE!

  • What is your MOTIF for NATURE?
  • How are you using the RIVETS and PIERCINGS for?
  • What is UNIQUE about your work.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – ONE MORE TIME – I’m leaving this post alone… we are moving forward from here.

We will be inserting the illustrations into the Adobe InDesign pages as we move forward this week. Let’s work together to get things done and successful as a collaborative team!

LOGO DESIGN and the UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT LOGOS REALLY ARE! Can you point out the Symbols? The Word/LetterMarks, the Combination Marks?

Ideas for Logos TODAY and THIS TOO!

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