Logo Design in Dig. Art, 3 Assignments in Foundations (WHAT?), and canvas building in Painting

Intro to Painting – Canvas Building and the Self Portrait from Art History!

You have been given dimensions and instructions on how to build a canvas. This is a FIRST PRIORITY and the chit chat around the studio CANNOT be a part of the day. SO MUCH TO DO and SO MUCH TO PLAN! What are you working from as inspiration and what are you doing with your photography that is going to make this a successful work?

Art Foundations – Portrait, Glazing, Metals… Three things this week alone. Are you READY?

Here we are… three things to think about! Where are you in the Basquiat inspired portrait? Neo-Expressionism and contemporary art (even though he has passed away – he is still considered contemporary? It’s still pretty close to out time).

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – I’m leaving this post alone… we are moving forward from here.

We will be inserting the illustrations into the Adobe InDesign pages as we move forward this week. Let’s work together to get things done and successful as a collaborative team!

LOGO DESIGN and the UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT LOGOS REALLY ARE! Can you point out the Symbols? The Word/LetterMarks, the Combination Marks?

Ideas for Logos TODAY and THIS TOO!

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