Happy 12th Birthday ArtWithKorb! Welcome also to 2nd Quarter! This is a fast year!

Intro to Painting – Book Binding and ACRYLIC PAINTINGS!

Binding up the books and walking away with a new sketchbook! This is a life lesson and SOME of you will be using this skill, perhaps, again.

Think about the type of art that you particularly enjoy making and looking at. The upcoming acrylic painting will require you to come up with your own ideas and will be based on one of these genres:

Art Foundations – Space, Value, Mark Making, and our OWN STILL LIFE!

Stephanie Shih’s still life… objects like this are absolutely acceptable for your still life… however… we are drawing ours, she sculpted hers.

What skills have you picked up and put into your drawing toolbox since the beginning of this project? Begin to think about the images and the objects that you are going to be bringing in and using for the assignment. Remember that if you bring in personal objects. The more you can make it about you the more you might invest in the work – it will be more personal.

Stephanie H. Shih – Ceramics artist specializing in the still life

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Collaboration and the ABC’s

By Sugar Snap Studio – perhaps a collaborative effort? Or perhaps the work of Jessie Ford!

You are working on a process that requires us all to be working towards the same success. The steps are as follow this week: THUMBNAILS, ROUGH DRAWINGS, and then UP TO ILLUSTRATOR. Remember that we are going to be working together on this and you will be touching base with your team frequently.

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