Welcome to Art Classes at Fort Atkinson High School

Welcome to the Art Department! I am Mr. Korb – one of your art teachers and artists for the year! I am so glad to have you in the studio.


Here I am in front of two of my very old paintings (1999) at my dentist’s office the day I shattered a molar! OUCH!

Intro to Painting


This week – WATERCOLORS!

Make sure you bring in some materials for a STILL LIFE in watercolors. Flowers, glasses, cups… we will get to the specifics in class. We are ALSO working through TECHNIQUES. HERE is the lesson and the STILL LIFE lesson as well.

Art Foundations

This week – ceramics / pottery / mugs and cups

We are going to be getting into the ideas of making some functional pottery as well as some that is more SCULPTURAL in nature so be ready to get your hands on some mud! CREATIVE VESSELS assignment is HERE.

Coli Pots and Slabs Pots are where we are headed… PINCH POTS as well.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography

This week – Digital Photography and COMPOSITION

Digital Photography and setting up compositions is where we are headed. It is not as easy as simply taking out the ol’ cell phone camera and clicking away… thinking and thought and planning and edits are all a part of the process. HERE is the assignment! ALSO – This is where we are headed for the NEXT work of art SO… let’s get thinking and planning so we are ready to go when the day comes! RECREATION through photography of a famous work of art and then… MORE!


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