Welcome To Fort Atkinson High School’s ART STUDIO (one of many) FRESHMEN!

It is SO GREAT to have you here today at the start of the 2022 – 2023 school year! (I can hardly accept that those are real years.) This is going to be a spectacular year for ART MAKING, LEARNING ABOUT ART, SEEING OTHER’S ART (and all that other academic stuff…).

  • What questions about ANYTHING do you have about our art class?
  • HOW can I help you feel ready for the year in our studio space?
  • What are your initial CONCERNS or FEARS about your time in this studio?
  • What SKILLS and SUCCESSES are you bringing to the class?

Take these answers and thoughts and share them with your NEW STUDIOMATE!

Look at ONE of the questions that your partner answered and then Let’s share some thoughts in the 10 minutes we have together (if we have time).

Welcome to the Fort Atkinson High School Art Studio!

Welcome to MY art studio.

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