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So you know that I spent some time working on becoming a better artist and teacher – here are my photographs from the Hirshhorn Art Museum in Washington DC. I saw some of my favorites and some I was unfamiliar with… as you should ALWAYS do.

Advanced Painting: Canvas Building and Figurative Work

Construction on the Canvases continues Tuesday and the ideas of the Figurative work move forward as well.

  • What are you doing with your figure?
  • How has your visit with the Degas and the Van Gogh Scholastic Arts Magazines challenged your thinking on what you can do?
  • How will you use DETAILS or GESTURES to construct your composition?
  • What are you going to do to FOCUS on MARK MAKING?

How are you thinking about the Figurative imagery that you are going to be placing in the unique shapes?

Here is the ASSIGNMENT: Figurative Art!


Alice Neel on the Modern Art Notes Podcast – GREAT INTERVIEW.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: Books and InDesign – Let’s look at the process of BUILDING our books.

How is your PLANNING on the construction of the BOOKS and the LAYOUT working? Have you thought about:

  • Page Numbers?
  • Titles (front of book and pages)?
  • Name on the pages?
  • Use of MASTER (Parent) Pages and then the pages in the body of the book?
Not Exactly a BOOK per say buy Marcel Duchamp went through the layout of miniature works of his in a similar fashion and created a BOX SET of these pieces. What do you see him having done to make sure the LAYOUT was unified throughout? And he DIDN’T have InDesign to work with.

HERE is the larger photography assignment – Let’s talk about the process and the layout ideas.

Art Foundations: The Still Life and the Critique! Welcome to the final artworks!

Today we are CRITIQUING and then we are working into the ideas of METALS!

From and artists hands and eyes is a GREAT example of EXACTLY what you will be doing with SHARPIE and METAL and TAPE. If you need a chain you will have to get that yourself. is a pinterest page for IDEAS – NO COPYING!

With the DRAWINGS (and in the end the next work as well) As we have been talking about previously, keep in mind:

Intro to Painting: The LANDSCAPE and WATERCOLORS! Time for a WALKING FIELD TRIP – REMEMBER TO BRING A COAT – it might be cold!

From my Hotel Window – Day 1

REMEMBER the TECHNIQUES we learned as Art Foundations artists

Be sure to be:

  • LOOKING at the trees and landscape
  • Working from that OBSERVATION and SEEING what you are looking at.
  • PAINT what you SEE and NOT what you think. The brain is a liar and the EYES are the truth tellers
  • Outside this week to draw and paint\
  • Dress appropriately!

Intro to Digital Art and Photography: We are REALLY WRAPPING up the Literature work this week. MONEY comes next… I mean LOGOS!

LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – Let’s share the ideas that you have developed so far! Pull your images up, make a screen shot and then we can talk about the images. Ok? Once we are done with our MID-CRIT – it is back to work. This week we work – Monday is your last day in class to WRAP THINGS UP – turn it in on Wednesday.

5 tips – these are good – to improving your logo designs… and the first SHOULD be PLAN REALLY WELL with a lot of ideas and modifications to the ideas – and… as much as color matters – so doeeyour FONT choice…

LOGO Design is next and we have a commission – this is a first. If you are interested in earning $40 – put your best foot forward (and I will try to get a little more out of the deal for 2nd and 3rd place).

Remember the LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT – Review it so you are aware of the ideas.

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