Welcome Back! We have a LOT to do in the next 2 weeks! Get ready because here it comes!

“It’s all improvised, on the spot… That exists, that’s real, What you see there is real. It’s real. I pretend it’s real, which is the same thing.” Paula Rego in response to her “still life” setups of figurative constructs for her drawings and paintings – her narrative work.

Intro to Painting – Abstract Acrylic Still Life: Canvas building and Narrative Painting

Neo Rausch “The Retreat”
https://onlineartlessons.com/tutorial/what-is-narrative-art/ – Let’s visit this article briefly…

If you are not ready to roll with the constructed canvas – you are BEHIND. Get this done with skill and precision and care. Schedule yourself in during ET. This is a required skill to learn in Intro to painting.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Logo Research and Advertising

What products do you use on a regular basis? Me? Look below and this explains my EVERYDAY!

Looking at Google Classroom and the assignment we are going to explore what we use on a regular basis as well. From this research we are going to create some advertising about that / those products. There are a number of things we need to consider as we move forward so buckle up and hold on tight!

Keep your eyes on TIME and DEADLINES – we have ZERO TIME for latework. Period.

Art Foundations – Watercolors, Abstraction (and Ceramics Glazing)

How many Photographs of LANDSCAPES did you make over break! These are what we are using as the images to abstract. The abstraction takes time and the process of painting does as well. DO NOT RUN OUT OF TIME! Think about the neighborhoods, city, trees and other landscapes that you might run across. This was HOMEWORK over break remember.

GLAZING the POTTERY is still on the docket and MUST get done ASAP! It may take a day after break to finish so… make sure that you are making notes about the colors that you are using.

  • 3 coats of glaze!
  • Careful application
  • Wipe a thin bit off the VERY BOTTOM so they do not stick to the Kiln Shelf.

I hope you had a great winter break. My little grandoggy Warren was certainly worn out.

Yep… Maybe not…

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