We are STILL ON BREAK! There are things to do however… make sure you are getting done what you need to.

“I think of the art as dead when it leaves my studio. I don’t even own it anymore. Installing in a museum or a show that’s coming up, I’m not allowed to touch my own work ever. It just seems strange to me. If somebody puts me in front of my drawings, I’d put more text in it. It’s never finished, but none of my work is ever finished.”

— Kaari Upson, artist, born 1970 (Read the obituary.)

We only have 2 1/2 weeks left of classes after our break. Make sure you are ready to work and be prepared with your final projects!

Intro to Painting – Abstract Acrylic Still Life: Canvas building and preparation for the final painting

I hope you have read your story and the ideas are moving forward. The canvas being built will have helped you as we get back. If you are not done building and stretching your canvas that is the first thing to do when you get back.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Illustration and Literature

Sit Tight Folks… nothing to see here – unless you are not done with the literature illustration.

Art Foundations – MANY THINGS TO DO – Your landscape photograph is the first!

Make Photographs of LANDSCAPES over break! Think about the neighborhoods, city, trees and other landscapes that you might run across. HOMEWORK.


Yep… Maybe not…

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