A lot of CRITIQUES and NEW WORKS this week. Canvas building, metals work, illustrations about literature…

“All art is quite useless.” — Oscar Wilde: Art isn’t utilitarian, and if it is, perhaps it isn’t art. Art serves a non-practical role in our lives, but that does not mean that it is not vital or necessary. One’s individual identity and our collective identity as a culture have no clear serviceability, but they are critical to our ability to function as a society. Kit White © 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Kit White

Intro to Painting – Abstract Acrylic Still Life: Critique and then Canvas building.

Oral Critique


  • Introduction: Hi, I am “NAME HERE”… the Title of my work is and the objects I chose to use were this and that and this is why…
  • The techniques I used were… and this is where one can see them very specifically.
  • The strengths of the work are… and why.
  • The areas I struggled with are this and that and this is why.
  • Anything else that you might want to add.


  • Positive aspects of the image and why.
  • Critical responses to the work and why with solutions.
  • Anything else that you feel will be worthwhile.
    • I like’s
    • It’s Cool, beautiful, ugly, etc… no empty comments without specific commentary and evidence to back it up.
  • Each person will contribute to the conversation at least 2 times.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Illustration and Literature

How do you look at the work of art and how do you talk about it?

SMALL GROUPS OF 3 or 4 – move around to individual computers to share the images. Korb will assign the groups. WHAT IS A CRITIQUE?  Hand this out for kids to consider.

ARTIST – On the YELLOW Sticky Note

  1. Hi, I am “NAME HERE” and my choice of literature is THIS… I chose this work of literature BECAUSE and this is how I am tying the assignment of the illustration into this work of literature.
  2. The plans I have been following with the program(s) have been THIS…
  3. The challenges I have been having are THIS…
  4. What are you doing NEXT? What are your plans for the work as you continue to move forward?
  5. What is the text you have chosen and why? Where and how are you planning on including this in the image?


As the VIEWER be ready to ask questions that pop into your mind and then… round table kind of questioning / suggestions.

  1. What is the first thing that pops into your line of sight that is a successful element to the work? Why and / or How?
  2. What is the one thing that stands out as needing attention? Why and / or How?
  3. Suggestions with solutions…

ARTIST – On the Blue Sticky Note

  • What are 3 things that your classmates said about your work that you are proud of and agree with?
  • What are 2 things that your classmates said in critique or suggestions that you heard and are taking into consideration as you move forward with your artwork?
  • What is 1 thing that you feel you need to do in order to resolve the image / idea that you have in front of you now to make it more successful?

Make photographs of your sticky notes and insert them into your slideshow as MID CRITS!

Art Foundations – CERAMICS Rubric and Metals introduction

  • Demonstration of using sharpie on copper to create a design and blocking out copper with tape.
THIS IS REALLY GOOD! https://blog.rings-things.com/2011/12/diy-copper-etching-tutorial
  • Students get their metal shapes and draw their design using a sharpie on copper.
  • Students will tape off the back of their copper pieces.

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