Week 3 and we are deep in the art making process.

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy


Intro to Painting

Charles Reid and Watercolors.

Watercolor Techniques have been reviewed and we are working on a still life. How are you doing? What is your COMPOSITION?

Remember to…

  • Reset the original in class as best you can and work from photographs on your own.
  • Use your ET as often as possible in the studio so you are ready to critique next week Tuesday.
  • Look carefully
  • Begin large to small
  • General to detail
  • Overlap and layer frequently
  • Be patient.
  • Make daily photographs of the progress of the work. If you do a major thing, make a photograph and document it.
  • Work some of EACH of the techniques in to the final composition(s).
  • Begin with a LIGHT SKETCH (if you so choose) before you begin the final painting.
  • Allow for the pentimenti of the work to be in the final work… this demonstrates the process… or don’t.

This is a SOLID WORK WEEK so – check my lesson plans and Google Classroom for more information if you need to.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography

We are still using PHOTOGRAPHY as the start of our work, but we are also using art history as inspiration and then… PHOTOSHOP to paint it once again! WOW!

Adobe Photoshop Portrait in the composition of a FAMOUS work of art. Due in TWO WEEKS. 

HERE is the assignment – it is also in Google Classroom

  • Research Paintings
  • Make a HANDFUL of Photographs to get things rolling
  • Begin to use Photoshop and work with: Painting, Drawing, Layering, Filter Tools in Photoshop to RECREATE the Image as a Digital Drawing / Painting.

Art Foundations

This week we begin the idea of COLLAGE.

Della Wells – Milwaukee Collage Artist VIMEO Mamboland

Take a look at a good friend of mine in Della Wells – how has she used COLLAGE to communicate a message? Did she use ONE IMAGE or a BUNCH of IMAGES to develop her work? This is a hunting and gathering process and then we are going to be working hard to develop the images and perfect them. What is your social topic?

If you need your own magazines…. bring them in.

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