Welcome Back to the Art Department and the 2020 – 21 School Year

Hello and welcome back. We are, at the writing of this post, still a number of days away from seeing one another. However we are doing that when we do that, whether face-to-face or via ZOOM, we are going to have a GREAT semester and year as we work to learn about and make successful and personal art.

Please enjoy my intro video – I will have a new one as the year begins. In this video I talk about the supplies we are going to have as well as some things to look at and subscribe to.

Press PLAY and reach out to me with any questions. korbf@fortschools.org

The attached document (HERE) is from the SDFA Administration regarding the HS Back to School Guidelines.

Questions – Comments – Concerns: You know that you can always reach out to me at korbf@fortschools.org.

Ok? Ok. See you soon.

Frank Korb

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