Waterford 7+ with Georgia O’Keeffe, Jim Dine, and Joan Miro. Making Art that is THEIRS and theirs alone.

The Waterford 7+ has been working very hard this summer to explore the ideas of modern and (more so) contemporary artists. This past week we wrapped up our investigation of Georgia O’Keeffe (modern) and Jim Dine (contemporary) as they worked out their observational flower paintings.

Next… we explored some fine motor skills and created out own die to ROLL for MIRO and we created the beginnings of Joan Miro inspired abstractions. Figurative (sort of) and full of colors. We will be wrapping up the art making next week and sending them all off with hand crafted sketchbooks to fill with their own inspired art making!

Thank you Waterford 7+, Connie Lelivelt, and all the wonderful assistants that make this such a wonderful way to (Covid-19 aside) work with artists face-to-face. Thank you ALSO to Bruno’s in Waterford for the AMPLE SPACE to spread out and make art safely.

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