#YouAreAnArtist – Has it really been 2 weeks since the last post? #PBS @theArtAssignment#SarahUristGreen

So much time goes by and it seems like the days don’t matter. It is Whateverday and tomorrow is Anotherday, after that is… well… I’mNotSureaday…

To start the week we are making CareSlips, thanks to #ArtWorksForMilwaukee. We are creating some Post Cards and sending them off to people who need a Pick – Me – Up… and believe me howdy… I know about people who need that about now.


  • Postcard artwork to start with
  • Postcard size paper
  • Pen or sharpie
  • Something to add color to the finished work.

Start with THIS RECORDING. (I am NOT a trained or even untrained meditative anything. I have listened to CALM on my phone for a while and took some notes from another site. BUT… this gives one a few minutes to SIT and SHUSH and BE THERE for ONESELF.) Goals are to sit back and create a work of art that will help you focus for 30 minutes on the act of making art and then to send it off to someone who might need a pick me up. Photograph and document the finished artwork and insert it into the slideshow. If you get Any feedback from the person you gave it to, please share that with the slideshow. NO JUDGING HERE AT ALL.

  1. Listen to the recording and RELAX
  2. Think about the movement of your mind and body from the previous 5 minutes and allow the ball point pen or sharpie marker to travel all over the paper wherever it goes is fine. Take 3 minutes to do this – keep the pen moving. 
  3. Using colors – and think about a scheme or small gathering of colors – let’s take 7 minutes to add color to the work – however you want. No right no wrong, just think balance and fill the space.
  4. On a separate piece of paper – write down all that you experienced in the work. What movements, what directions, what does it remind you of? What does it remind you NOT of? This is all good. 
  5. On the back of the card, as it has dried, write out a short little message about the imagery on the front. Perhaps ask a question – make a statement.
  6. Lastly – Photograph this card – front and back, insert it into the slide show for this week. Then mail it off to someone you think needs a little pick me up! Make sure to sign it and address it properly. Stick a stamp on it and send it off.

What’s been keeping you active? I’ve been watching a bit of the PBS Art Assignment and have stolen – procured – a few assignments for myself and my kids at school. Here are a couple of their episodes for you to watch and I ENCOURAGE you to SUBSCRIBE to their site… and buy Sarah’s new book “You Are An Artist” as well.

I also believe that CREATIVITY is overrated – as is TALENT. Just go and MAKE stuff!
Time to make a BOOK!

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