What are you doing to be ACTIVE in the ARTS during our CANCELLATIONS?

Alright – I said this last time and I’ll say it again, check out the new page (top of the screen) – Covid-19 Resources for Arts. Be active and continue to educate yourself.

Email me with any PICTURES or Videos of art projects you undertake or VIRTUAL Museums or Experiences you go on.

Art Foundations: Draw what you see out your windows. This can (and will) be turned into a painting later.

Intro to painting: Research and Planning – Remember that this was assigned a WHILE ago… so if you get to it while were off… all the better. Check on Google Classroom. HERE are the plans for the RESEARCH that was due FRIDAY. DO THE RESEARCH!

ADVANCED PAINTING: Paints go home with you – load up so you have enough and here is another canvas for you to work on. Keep working to wrap it up (maybe start another one if you get the itching). Great plans for the Coronavirus School Closing HERE. We will look at things when you get back. Keep working on the Oil Paintings so your paints don’t dry up. ALSO – Check your Google Classroom for TOMORROWS NON REQUIRED CONVERSATION.

Introduction to drawing and printmaking: GREAT assignments planned (now for when you get back). Take a look at William Kentridge and then talk about where we are going while you are away. School Closing Assignment HERE for when we get back now.

Advanced Digital Art and Photography: We are going to have to backtrack and get caught up… Check out the COOL assignments I HAD planned below. School Closing Assignment HERE we will pick this up when we get back. Make photographs of your entire DAY! 24 hours of your days away from school.

Here’s a great video about Keith Haring – the guy I was dressed up as last week Friday.

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