#Endof (#BeginningOf) Week… Crits, Painting, Design, and MORE ART MAKING! #Abstraction #PBS

Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Every artist was first an amateur.”

Art Foundations: Plein Air Drawings and Abstractions.

  • G: 1.1P: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.
  • A: As we think about COLOR… What are the PRIMARY COLORS? What are the SECONDARY COLORS? What are the TERTIARY COLORS? Do you know anything about COLOR SCHEMES? Write out all the COLOR SCHEMES that you can think of (we have spoken about some of them already – all of them that we are talking about actually).
  • G: What did you accomplish in regards to the color scheme worksheet and what have you accomplished with the idea of an abstract  or landscape inspired color wheel? How well to you understand the ideas of the color wheel and the relationships of the colors with one another – the color wheel is the first page of our final exam by the way.

Intro to Painting: Painting. Faces. Portraits.

Sharon Hudson: http://www.sharonhudson.com/art/fullpics/9916f_Woman_with_Curly_Red_Hair.jpg
  • G: 1.2Ac: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design.
  • A: This is it. What are 3 things that you need to do in order to be finished with your paintings today?  What is the due Date?
  • G: Looking at the day you had today… what did you accomplish? What fell short? What are you going to be doing outside of class to get the work done?

Advanced Painting: How is the figure the focus of your artwork?

Lee Price, Detail of Teacup, 2014. Courtesy of The Bennett Prize.
  • G: 7.1Ac: Recognize and describe personal aesthetic and empathetic responses to the natural world and constructed environments.
  • A: Step back and look. What is STANDING OUT in your work? What is in need of work?
  • G: Next week we CRITIQUE – Are you going to be ready?

Intro to Digital Art: Literature and Illustration! Where are you going? What matters in the work? What is your focal point?

What are you thinking about as you ILLUSTRATE your #LITERATURE?
  • Past Literature Images – 2019 Fall
  • G: 1.2Ac: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design.
  • A:DAY 1: What Book / Story / Song have you brought in and thought about to use as your inspiration for this ILLUSTRATION in Photoshop? As you have read, listened to the “literature”, what have you pulled from the “story?” Is it a phrase, an idea and feeling from the ENTIRETY of the story? IS it a character? Is it something entirely different? This is going to be your PERSONAL ILLUSTRATION about the work of literature.
  • G: Looking over the THUMBNAILS and SKETCHES you CAME IN WITH… What have you accomplished today in the process of ILLUSTRATING the work of “LITERATURE.” How are you making strong artistic choices (look at the Artist Habits of Mind to make a reflection on here).

Advanced Digital Art: Gradation Covers and Door Signage – Two works to plan for… but let’s do the cover first!

What are you planning? What are your PLANS? http://fresnoeoc.org/images/processor-Modules_Blogs_Posts-Image-191.jpg
  • 1.1 Ad: Visualize and hypothesize to generate plans for ideas and directions for creating art and design that can affect social change.
  • If you are not done with the magazine cover – YOU ARE LATE! Today you are working on the graduation covers… what have you started with. Take a moment to SHARE with your classmate (next to you) and share the first thoughts (and drawings) for this design. DO NOT BEGIN DESIGNING ON THE COMPUTER without first having it on paper first.
  • What have you accomplished today in the first day of the designing? Remember that you have two more days to finish this. What are you planning on doing next time?

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