Happy BREAK! It’s Almost here.

#20 “Clear sight makes clear art.” Observation lies at the heart of the art process. Whether your art derives from mimicking nature or extrapolating a mental construct, your powers of observation are critical. Unless you can see what lies before you, you cannot describe it. Train yourself to eliminate preconceptions and received understandings when observing anything. Try to see what is before you, not what you think you see or want to see.  Kit White 101 Things to Learn in Art School.


What are two things that are helping you EMPHASIZING the idea of  YOU as you create this self portrait?


What is one way that you feel ART be used to discuss IMPORTANT things in culture?

Painting: Portraits and OILS

What color scheme are you hoping to focus on with this portrait? How will this help you UNIFY your composition? Are you using OTHER elements to create a sense of unity? What might that be?

Paul Squire’s Painting UP CLOSE: Look att hat TEXTURE! http://www.paulsquire.com/wp-content/uploads/bernie-2015-detail2.jpg

What are you anxious about as we begin to think about and use oil paints? Paul Squire’s Painting UP CLOSE – Look at that TEXTURE!

Drawing: Portraits and Colored Pencils

GREAT FILM to watch over break: Exit Through the Gift Shop – Graffiti, Banksy, and Dr. Brainwash. Start at 7:02 in class).

What is successful in your artwork? What is the color scheme you are using? What Graffiti Artist have you chosen to use?

Graffiti is out there to help you RETHINK what you might already know… or not know. http://cdn3.spiegel.de/images/image-300866-panoV9free-syqo.jpg

As you researched the world of Graffiti – it there an artist that you are particularly drawn to? Why?

AP: Not Portraits – Concentration Work (ONLINE TOO)

Best part of yesterday? Plans for today? How’s it coming?

How’s your work going? Lifelong lessons here? I think so! http://www.autumngrove.com/wp-content/uploads/DSC_0008.jpg

How are you moving forward in the process of developing a series of works based on someone else’s work? How are you keeping the images the SAME and how are you changing the ideas? What are your plans for BREAK? Website?

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