2 Point Perspective Request by Luna Masamo


Luna Masamo posed a question about a different way to draw 2 point perspective sidewalks. His art teacher has a different approach than me, but that’s the great thing about art… So many ways to solve the same challenges. Above is my drawing based on his instructions. I hope it helps.

Masamo’s teachers approach: “First you draw a line from the opposite VP of the sidewalk side till it meets the front curb edge.  Next draw a line down from the HL Point to meet the end of the first line.  Next draw another line from the same VP through the place the line down from the HL Point crosses the back line of the sidewalk.  Repeat. ”

His teachers mark up example… A lot to look at… I have some thoughts that out feels a bit “steep” but, it seems accurate. I encourage the vanishing points tho be drawn at the edge if not off of the picture plane. Makes the drawing more believable, less squeezed in.


One more set of lines using a central VP on the HL to draw guidelines from in order to determine the “crack” in the sidewalk.


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