#Art Gallery OPENING!

REPOSTED from http://whsoc20.wordpress.com – by Marh Heebsh

As a Waterford student I am very proud of our fine arts department. We have done amazing things between our performing arts and our visual arts. Just two days ago we were proud to present the opening of the new art gallery at WUHS. It is a beautiful addition to our school. Also, it really encourages the students like me, who art very passionate about making art, to have a place that is worthy to show our work. It makes me feel very professional to hopefully soon show a piece in the gallery.

It also gives a chance to show more student work. The case before the art gallery was quite small and we didn’t get to fit everyone’s work in it. Now we have room for everybody’s art and then some. It is also a cool way for all of the students of the school to come and see their peer’s works. The gallery is open every Friday at lunch for all of the students in our school to view. (I think that it should be open more but we just started the year so I will have to wait). I feel like I am going to a modern art museum every time I walk in.

This gallery is also very important because hopefully in the future a class can take their finished pieces and hang them up and do a critique. This would be amazing and fun to feel like we are professional. This is especially important for my art class because we have a painting class and an AP studio art going on in the same hour and same class so it is nice to have a place to spread out. Then when we get really good we can have biddings on art in there. Just dreaming, but just to think on how far we have come is amazing and this is thanks to our amazing art department teachers. Thank you all for making this possible for all of us!

Ribbon cutting at the art gallery.

Mary Heebsh

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