#MakerFaire at #Interactiv2014 with follup up at #WHSoc20 at 8:00CST on #Twitter

MAKER MOVEMENT on June 18th at the White House…

My Plans, and a CHALLENGE / OPPORTUNITY for you!

I will be attending the InterActiv 2014 Technology Conference at UW-Whitewater and will be holding my VERY OWN LOW TECH MAKER FAIRE over the lunch break. I am NOT SURE how many (if any) will participate, but I will be documenting the WHOLE THING and I will be gathering and supplying materials and ideas – moderating the ideas there. I will begin with a MAKER FAIRE definition and then open it up to all those who are interested in participating in the event. That evening I will be moderating along with others from the #WHSoc20 teacher group a conversation about the day, with images and the like (after I have had a presentation with the Waterford Union High School Board about the White House Social event from May 7, 2014). A LONG DAY but well worth it!

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU IS SIMPLE! One hour – that is all… Community and Improvement is HUGE. Making things that can add to the community is ALSO a great big part of what I encourage and teach. So, here it is:

  • On May 18th, take one hour, or whatever time you can afford, to go out and make:
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Photographs
    • Performance Pieces
    • Sculptures
    • Poems
    • Stories
    • Pick up garbage
    • Work in a soup kitchen
    • Volunteer somewhere
  • Think about the COMMUNITY that you live in and  what can you do – one person, two people, a group – to make it better?
  • Document what you have been able to do and then email the images to me at: fjkorb@gmail.com
  • I will create a page on my website to promote what you have done and will TWEET, POST, FACEBOOK, SHARE, Google+ the heck out of it!
  • QUESTIONS – EMAIL ME AT: fjkorb@gmail.com
  • THAT NIGHT – Follow and join in the conversation at #WHSoc20 on Twitter at 8:00CST (9:00EST) to read, learn, share about the movement that is Maker Faires and Maker Spaces and the Maker Movement! 

A recap of my earlier post:

On June 18th, President Obama will host the first-ever White House Maker Faire to highlight how the Maker Movement and the increasing access to the hardware and software tools it takes to make just about anything, are unleashing new learning opportunities for students and opening new pathways for kids to get interested in STE(A)M. (Check out my students work based on STEAM HERE!)

The 18th will also be a National Day of Making, and we’re encouraging citizen makers around the country to get involved in their communities or plug in virtually using #NationOfMakers. Attached is more information on what you can do to celebrate making on June 18th.

 Follow the action online at http://www.whitehouse.gov/makerfaire.

 #NationOfMakers or via maker@ostp.gov.

 Maker Luncheon at the Technology Conference? Perhaps there is my answer!

 What can YOU do to promote the movement?

Maker Faire PDF

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