#Resolution to your #Art! Do hashtags help communicate my message? Hope So!

“Talent may get someone off the starting blocks faster, but without a sense of direction or a goal to strive for, it won’t count for much.” – David Bayles and Ted Orland

Art Foundations: Slabs AGAIN!

What textures are you incorporating into your slabs. http://www.baileypottery.com/images/C-054-TM-4.jpg


  1. 1.2 create clay slabs with texture so that it demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.1 materials, 1.2.2 techniques

What do you need to do in order to wrap up for tomorrow? Are you done with your three pieces? Are you struggling with the group efforts?

Drawing: CRIT DAY! – MONDAY – WRITTEN CRIT DUE – Do you need help locating it in your GOOGLE DRIVE? TALK TO ME IF YOU NEED TO!

CRITIQUE and TALK and LISTEN and CRITIQUE and REFLECT!!! WRITE!!! https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/leobcrit.jpg


  1. 5.3 describe meanings of artworks by analyzing 5.3.1 techniques and 5.3.2 how they relate to your history and culture 5.2 stand behind your criticism of art – defend and stand up for your ideas and support them in your critique

What did you take away from today’s conversation? What can you add to your 4 part critique that will be due MONDAY?

AP Studio Art: Collaborative work – HANG WORK TOO!

Derivation on The Creation of Man… how is your work coming along? https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/bf962-creationofmanandcell.jpg


  1. 3.1 reflect on how your art relates to history and cultures as you work to communicate a message.

What have YOU contributed to the work today? What are you going to contribute to the work tomorrow? 

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