Mrs. Casto’s Day in D.C.

A wonderful summary of another teacher’s experience at the White House during Teacher Appreciation Week. I look forward to future collaborations with Mrs. Casto and all the other educators I met. Thank you EVERYONE!

Mr. Korb


Approximately two weeks ago, I saw this on Twitter:


I thought to myself, Wow! That sounds like a great opportunity. There’s no way on this good, green Earth that I’ll ever be selected (because, really, who am I?), but I’ll apply anyway. I took a chance as well as about 10 minutes to apply on my iPhone while cooking dinner one night, pressed “Send,” and let out a big sigh at the thought of such an amazing opportunity.

Fast forward to a few days later, I received the following email from the White House’s Deputy Director of Digital Programs, Kasie Coccaro:


Whoa! They selected ME?! I just couldn’t believe it! One of my dreams of meeting the Secretary of Education was going to finally come true AND I was going to also tour the White House AND meet Dr. Biden…wow. Just, wow.

After just a few days of security-clearance and itinerary emails, the…

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