Vacation came 24 hours early…

Oh a sad day when art supplies are far away. (


  1. Contact ALL the Art Students who need supplies for the break
  2. Salt the Driveway.
  3. Wrap Presents
  4. Decorate the Tree
  5. Run and not break anything

Happy ICE Day and first day of the long needed Christmas Break. When I answered the phone from Mr. Brandstetter this morning (6:00 and I was already making coffee for the day), I thought “Great! No School.” and within moments I thought “GREAT… no school. How are my artists going to get a week’s worth of work done?” That being my second thought of the first day of vacation tells me that you guys are right up there in the top of my list of priorities (know that you are). I will be at school from 9 – 12 on Monday (unless there is a blizzard – keep an eye on for further information) December 23. Please pass the word. 

Enjoy your sledding day!

Mr. Korb

PS… I will ALSO be in the art room on Saturday, December 21 from 8:00 – 8:30 is you need to get in earlier than Monday. Happy, Merry, Feliz… enjoy the break!

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