March 7, 2013 – Thursday – ALREADY!?

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Art Foundations: Let’s get into the 2 point perspective.

Here we come – 2 Point Perspective!


  1. 1.2 create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the processes of 2 point perspective
  2. 2.3 create artworks that solve visual challenges

What was the most important RULE of THUMB you found for 2 Point Perspective? What was the most challenging aspect of it all?


Drawing: Preliminary Drawings are done – what was successful for you yesterday and Tuesday? Where do you go from here?

What did you accomplish yesterday with your preliminary drawings?


  1. (1.2) Create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to materials, techniques and process of drawing.
  2. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks (why is your composition successful?)

How does your composition draw someone into it? What do you hope to gain from this experience? What skills do you need to work on in order to make this drawing more successful than the previous one?


AP Studio Art: Computer Lab – Editing and Uploading Photographs of work.

Breadth Work – “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

– Booker T. Washington

The above is your Breadth starting point! Where you take it from here is up to you.

And the winner is… TBA on FRIDAY… Work day…

Let’s Get to EDITING!

GOALS: 21st Century Thinking

  1. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making: Use technological skills to solve problems, and make informed decisions using digital images and editing tools.

What was the problem that you had today with the editing of the images? Can you do this on your own? Do we need one more day in the lab to work?


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