March 2, 2013 – Saturday – ABC’s of Art 2013

The Newest ABC of the Arts: M, N, and O
By: Frank Korb
January 2013

Frank Korb

Frank Korb

In 2002 and again in 2007, John Tusa of The Guardian wrote the ABC’s of what was facing the world of the arts and how to deal with them. Inspired by his ABC’s, these are my 26 thoughts on the importance of support of the arts in school systems and communities across the country / world.


M is for Mediums – So often students are afraid of the learn the basics of handling a medium, yet tend to be amazed at what a completed artwork in an unfamiliar (or all too familiar) medium is. Through the use of the visual arts, high quality and resolved ideas,  images, experiments, mediums, topics, sizes, colors… you name it… are experienced in a way that allows the risk of failure to be superseded by the potential of new success.

N is for New – New ideas and opportunities  that individuals come up with allow for a different approach for problem solving and discoveries of the self that other ways of thinking may not be able to provide.

O is for Opportunities – The arts offer the students so many opportunities to create and work their minds in different ways that other areas of academia do not. Studio spaces, drawing tables, sketchbooks, empty canvases, open minds, supportive communities and families offer that opportunity.


NEXT WEEK: P, Q, and R

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