Week 3 of 4th Quarter! WOW has the time flown by.

Learn To Draw “Drawing is more than a tool for rendering and capturing likenesses. It is a language, with its own syntax, grammar, and urgency. Learning to draw is about learning to see. In this way, it is a metaphor for all art activity. Whatever its form, drawing transforms perception and thought into image and teaches us how to think with our eyes.” 101 Things to Learn in Art School Kit White © 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Kit White – Sol LeWitt

Advanced Painting: UNIQUE Shaped Canvas and we begin with OIL PAINTS.

Beginning in OILS. Technique and Process. This is where we begin folks! The techniques are VERY different than gouache… make sure you are using a variety of these techniques.

Amy Sherald on Making Breonna Taylor’s Portrait

Intro to Painting: GENRES in ACRYLICS

ACRYLICS are upon us and we are going to be exploring the techniques they have to offer.

Sonia Delaunay
Electric Prisms 1913

Orphism (1912–13): Coined by the French poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire. The name comes from the musician Orpheus in ancient Greek myths, as Apollinaire thought that painting should be like music. Main artists Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay also used the term simultanism to describe their work of this period.


Week of PAINTING! This is about TECHNIQUE as well as considering the ideas of TECHNIQUES. Make sure you are paying CLOSE ATTENTION to the techniques and the final product. FOCUS on the work!

Art Foundations: Still Life and Drawing – PRACTICE your VALUES!

Play a little faster than 1x

The STILL LIFE is upon us and the DRAWINGS have begun. What is the stage you see yourself at?

Remember that we are using values that range from 0 – 10! We are also using all of the mark making techniques we have learned about: Shading (modeling / chiaroscuro), Hatching and Cross Hatching, Stippling, and Scumbling.


Advanced Digital art and Photography: How are you doing with the POSTERS? Ai? InDesign?


How are you thinking about the use of TEXT? This is a part of the process and the final product. Make sure you are aware of the COMPOSITION!

Introduction to Digital Art and Photography: BOOK DESIGN and Adobe Illustrator

ABC Collaborative Book in Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

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