The quarter is almost done – and the semester in turn. Make sure you are on top of ALL the work you are currently on and that you SIGN UP FOR ET when you need to.

Intro to Painting – Portrait Paintings

Karen Kilimnik – “Me, Corner of Haight and Ashbury” 1966, 1998

Let’s read about the periods you are working on… Based on my memories we have…

Art Foundations – METALS and COLLAGE!

  • What was your MOTIF for NATURE?
  • How did you use the RIVETS and PIERCINGS for?
  • What was UNIQUE about your work.

What are you doing for the ideas in regards to the COLLAGE Artwork? We are WORKING until the end of the semester and continuing to develop the ideas of MAKING ART. Studio Habits might possibly be the strongest skills you can develop because… if you develop those the rest will all fall into place.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Logo and then ANIMATION!

ArtBeforeComfort Group – a small look into stop motion photography and then you can find millions more on your own for ideas.

Photoshop Animation: a tutorial – HERE!

Illustrator and After Effects Animation: a VIDEO

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