This is going to FEEL like a short week… Monday is the end of last week and we have 2 days of each group – and Mr. Korb is stepping back in Art Foundations! Go Ms. K!

Intro to Painting – Crit and Canvas Building!

What did you work on to develop the skills to use acrylic paints? What are your STRONGEST techniques and what techniques do you want to CONTINUE TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS in? ALWAYS add the WHY or BECAUSE!

    Art Foundations -Color Schemes and Watercolors are coming up next. As is Music and Neo-Expressionism!

    What have you learned about the use of SPACE in a composition? Always think about that use of the space and what you do with it as an artist. The negative space is as important as the positive space – and BASQUIAT knew all about that.


    I do a LOVELY job of explaining the techniques – I wonder if I still have those paintings?

    Color Schemes are on the horizon and when you are aware of them you can make stronger choices in how you use colors in your artwork. BE AWARE of the relationships in your work and in your life…

    • Achromatic
    • Monochromatic
    • Complimentary
    • Split Complimentary
    • Analogous
    • Warm
    • Cool
    • Triad
    • Tetradic

    Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Final Days in the ABC’s – Logo Design coming up next – ILLUSTRATOR – and it is a paying gig!

    We will be inserting the illustrations into the Adobe InDesign pages as we move forward this week. Let’s work together to get things done and successful as a collaborative team!


    Paul Rand – World Class Logo Designer! Who is TODAY’S world class logo designer?

    Ideas for Logos TODAY and THIS TOO!

      SHORT week is here. What are you doing with all 3 illustrations? How is it coming along?

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