#EndOfTheQuarer – Do you have all of your late work in? I have not had a chance to look at the LATE work yet so BE PATIENT with me as I have been with you.

What is Art For?

Intro to Painting – Binding and Painting in AcrylicsSPHERES!

This is what we are working on. Ours are on separate pieces of paper. This canvas is in the studio atop the whiteboard. Take a look at the techniques and how it was all assembled.

This is where we are headed.

We are going to begin to use ACRYLIC PAINTS as well and the first SERIES of paintings are going to be based on you watching me online and following along. Each painting will take some time so do not think you will be done in the 33 minutes the video takes. Be prepared to work and experiment and work and reflect. These skills are the foundation for all the paintings you will make from here on out.

Intro to Digital Art and Photography – Art History and Adobe Illustrator – Hilma Af Klint!

Hilma Af Klint and Adobe Illustrator – there is a lot to learn and it is a NEW APPROACH to making the works… Be Patient. BE PATIENT!

We are wrapping up the critiques of the Portraits inspired by Art History. Then we move into Adobe Illustrator. The first EXPERIMENT will be using – ART HISTORY. Investigate Hilma Auf Klint and find one of her works that you truly enjoy. We are going to be thinking about the shapes that she used and building it up using AI.

  • Layers
  • Gradients
  • Colors
  • Similarities and Differences between Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Assignment is HERE (and in Google Classroom)

This week will be about learning the basics of the Adobe Illustrator program. Over the long weekend you will be making photographs of architecture using a variety of the compositional formats that we have spoken about. You will get the assignment in Google Classroom and I will discuss it in class before we wrap up the week. ASK ME QUESTIONS as we go along. This is going to be a deep dive into ILLUSTRATOR and you will get better at using it.

Architectural Photography Assignment for the Weekend: See Google Classroom as well.

Practice with Himla Af Klint
  • Make photographs of ARCHITECTURE that are Interesting or Important to you from the area.
    • Home
    • Local Businesses
    • Nearby buildings that are interesting or otherwise important to you.
  • Daytime or Nighttime (have strong lighting if it is at night)
  • Multiple Compositional Approaches
    • not just one photograph of the whole building. Try a variety of POV and get the BEST SERIES (10 Minimum) of Photographs – your first show of the building is probably not going to be the best
  • UPLOADED to your files to your computer before class next week so that we can begin using ILLUSTRATOR to create the image as well as talk about them with one another so that we can use the most successful image you have made.
    • THIS SKILL will help you create your own digital art using not only Illustrator but all other programs you come into contact with
  • YOU WILL and YOU WILL BE assessed on the photographs as photographs as well as using them as ideas. MAKE GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS – 10 minimum.

Art Foundations – One and Two Point Perspective and the Still Life!

Setting up a still life of your own can be challenging.

  • Having the objects to use
  • What objects to use
  • Making photographs
  • Drawing large enough
  • Drawing lightly enough
  • Being engaged throughout the process
  • Covering the whole of the picture plane
  • Using all of the mark making techniques
  • What else?

Photographs and Thumbnails are first. Consider the lighting of the image. Can you use the light in the classroom? Do you need to use the spotlight at your table? How can you make this interesting with values and angles?

We ARE looking at the Italian Artist Giorgio Morandi

  • Blocks
  • Small jar / cup
  • Circular / spherical objects
  • Reflective objects
  • Transparent and opaque objects
  • Piece of fabric with pattern (dots, stripes, plaid… patterns)
  • Some small things that you can carry with you or set up in front of you and are not fragile. 4 or 5 objects total.

Pay attention to everything that is in the still life – lighting is part of it as well.

This is where we are headed.
  • Still Life Examples:
    • One – Art Foundations
    • Two – Drawing
    • Three Shoes – Art Foundations

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