Remember when this was the launching pad for the day?

Hard to believe that for almost 10 years this was the place I began each and every class period. With the pandemic, and the necessity for utilizing Google Classroom on the daily, this has taken a backseat. Unfortunate. The goals of this website was to not only be that launching pad for my classes but also to be a resource for other artists, teachers, students to find information as well as gather ideas. It is still that place, but the posts are much fewer adn more far between.

What’s up recently?

I’ve looked into the Merzbau for one of my classes – one of my students specifically. The idea was to modify a lesson in watercolors and collage. Little do they know it will be as challenging as a watercolor painting alone. by using precut shapes of mat board, the idea of a random image from a magazine that will be put and pasted onto the segment of board (colors are on one side, white is on the other. The color side is left alone and the images are painted and glued onto the white side. From there that same image will be painted in watercolor on another card. Finally, when all the pieces are done, the cards will be assembled and hot glued together to create a Merzbau inspired sculpture!

Art Foundations is going to get into the ideas of Line and Value and the ideas behind Sol LeWitt’s works.

Grid Demo HERE.

Value Demo HERE.

So… Stay tuned. More ideas and images to follow.

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