#SoMuch! #Welcome back to School. #Zoom is going to be our friend – let’s share out to those who might not be joining us… Also… what’s Mr. Korb been up to? #ArtistsTalk Monday April 6, #CallToArt: An UN-Conference, #GreenBay #Gallery sharing #Artwork of #FrankKorb

MOST IMPORTANTLY… WELCOME BACK to ArtWithKorb… you have been missed! PLEASE visit your Google Classroom to stay on top of all that is happening.

Let’s start with some kids work… I’ve been doing ZOOM Art Classes with some wonderful Manhattanites these past weeks so… Scott – Thank you for bringing the kids to the studio! Kids – GREAT JOB – Here are your works! If anyone else is interested talk to Scott and he can get you the infor or message me and I can too!

Video about the Artist Habits of Mind – this is about ideas and meaning or CONTENT! Enjoy.

This is the schedule. Do not mind the highlights – screen capture for quickness.

Click on the image to register for the Artist Talk and see and hear Mr. Korb talk about the work he’s been making.

In our YayArt Bingo K2.0 one can listen to an ART Podcast and create a work inspired by that story. This podcast speaks to CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, has COOL DOWNLOADS, and is WORTH YOUR TIME. Listen to an episode or two… maybe they will interview Mr. Korb someday. Click on the image to visit Erika’ Hess’s site and LISTEN IN!

CLICK HERE to visit the site

20 Minutes of Mr. Korb talking about the 8 Artist Habits of Mind. A good listen!

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