#WelcomeBack from the #Weekend – Let’s go #MakeArt #PleinAir style

Week 3: Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pastels. Take ONE DAY this week to focus on a different medium PLEASE.

“There are two ways for a painter: the broad and easy one or the narrow and hard one.” Mary Cassatt

Plein Air at the Fair – Info HERE.


Develop Craft: Learning to use tools, materials, artistic conventions; and learning to care for tools, materials, and space.

What did you experience last week at Taliesin? What skills have you gained? How are you using this to MOVE YOUR ART FORWARD? This is about you finding YOUR work (not Mr. Korb’s work – he’s got that problem covered).Camp Wadewitz and yous ideas / work. What medium? What techniques?

It’s been 4 days for some of you… how did getting back to it work for you? Share your experiences.

Helen McNicoll: http://www.biographi.ca/bioimages/original.6905.jpg
Helen McNicoll: http://www.biographi.ca/bioimages/original.6905.jpg

Your 1 Week of Homework – Due on MONDAY July 10 – Link Here

Research the visual examples of work by one of the following artists.

Winslow Homer, Marie Bracquemond, Charles Demuth, Georgia O’Keeffe, Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper, Eva Gonzalès, Dong Kingman, Lucy Bacon, Reginald Marsh, Emily Carr, Charles Sheeler, Laura Muntz Lyall, J.M.W. Turner, Helen McNicoll, Thomas Moran, Georgia O’Keefe, James Whistler, Berthe Morisot, Andrew Wyeth, or Edma Morisot.

Write up (type it up in 12 point font, Times New Roman or another serif font, 1” margins, name at the top, if you do it in Google Drive – share it with fkorb@waterforduhs.us – otherwise – print it) a brief background about the artist – where they lived, where they made their work, who they knew / were influenced by… that sort of thing. Describe five (5) things (and use images as examples) that you found interesting about the work of them. Why did you choose those artists versus the others? Talk about the ways in which they used their materials and how they made their brush strokes / mark making techniques.


  • Create one work based on a direct observation of one of their works (know the Title, Medium, Size, Year, and of course the artist’s name).
  • Create one work of your very own utilizing the style of the artist you have chosen.

Two artworks DUE along with a VERY short paragraph about the artist. Monday – July 10, 2017

Reginald Marsh: http://www.donbaresefineart.com/images/marsh-reginald-new-york-bridge.jpg
Reginald Marsh: http://www.donbaresefineart.com/images/marsh-reginald-new-york-bridge.jpg

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