And the school year is done… Art however keeps getting made!

Enjoy the Views! Studio 123 at WUHS.
Click on the image to see the room in its 360 degrees – enjoy the Views! Studio 123 at WUHS.

Thank you to all the hard working artists in the Waterford Union High School Art Studio this year. I am proud of the skills developed, experiences undertaken, challenges solved (and not solved), as well as all of the new passions (and old passions) that have been flamed in the the art studio. The room is clean(ish) and empty and waiting patiently for the new batch of artists to fill it. (1 week and we start Plein Air!).

I’ll be keeping this post going over the summer with images, words of wisdom (or not so much wisdom), and other thoughts that might be simply fun and exciting about the art world. Please also follow me on to see what’s happening.

Now… Go Make Art!

Frank Korb



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