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#78 Self-portraiture has a long and storied history. It is something that most artists undertake in their training. It can yield great revelations of character and technique as in Rembrandt, van Gogh, and Bacon. It will succeed or fail based on its interest as an image. Try to judge it as an image, not as a mirror. Kit White 101 Things to Learn in Art School



Andy Warhol - Self-Portrait
Andy Warhol – Self-Portrait: Andy Warhol – Self-Portrait


Portraits will be made using TRACING PAPER. Demo the process today – TRACE. Demo the GRIDDING over the tracing – GRID. N: Process and then GRID. Andy Warhol – Portraits. Katz – Portraits. Close – Portraits. All three this week – How we are using their styles in our work. A: Tracing / Grid G: What challenges did you face today in the tracing portion of the process?  Andy Warhol Portrait


the results r great !! i am actually very impressed that you went beyond –
to make a drawings of the crumble pieces. it is a perfect move –
to show kids the possibilities and open the wide range of vision.
just perfect move!) and next one – as you said seems perfect too –
to the large scale paintings from it. plus it does bring the idea of pop –
using common objects reminding of course of warhol as well as rosenquist paintings
ps. next time in WI – coffee would be great)
Check out the photos from your Sketchbook last week! HERE

Check out the photos from the UWM Field Trip last week: https://goo.gl/lmmiu9

PAINTING: Oil Painting Coming Up Soon… Let’s build a DESIGN! Talk about the ideas here.


Contemporary abstract oil painting on paper.
Close up Texture: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/1b/97/7e/1b977e8749a65eb0c04888449a488f2d.jpg

How are you doing in the PLANNING of your Art?

Elizabeth Peyton: http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Image-22-1170×655.jpg

 What are you most anxious about as we begin to think about and use oil paints? Elizabeth Peyton: 


Using CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS as your impetus… you will need to RESEARCH a GALLERY ARTIST that is CONTEMPORARY and base your pose on their composition. This might be homework, but it’ll be worth it! http://artviaanderson.weebly.com/theory-and-practice/self-portraits-then-and-now

DRAWING: Colored Pencils and YOU!


Take a look at your previous week’s works – where did you struggle? How do you use the ideas of chiaroscuro to better define the ideas of form?


What was the most challenging way to draw? Why was this most difficult way to go? What is most important about drawing when it comes to observation?

Symbolism and Portraits: http://www.museumnetworkuk.org/portraits/theme/settingSymbolism/settingSymbolism.html

AP STUDIO ART: Figure Drawing


Beginning with a general idea of the figure and a reference with the mannequin – students will draw out the proportions and stance of the models for a few minutes and then transition to the human form.

GESTURE! http://www.fanboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/gesture-drawings.jpg

What was the most challenging way to draw? Why was this most difficult way to go? How OFF were you from the original that you drew from your memory? What is most important about drawing when it comes to observation?

REMEMBER -ASSIGNMENT FOR FRIDAY! THAT’S THE DUE DATE! ON YOUR OWN! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You will have the 2 questions about your AP Concentration written – AND PROOFED by a classmate – and then pasted into the CONCENTRATION Portion of your pages. ALSO – You will have a GALLERY of 6 images FROM YOUR CONCENTRATION ITSELF uploaded to the CONCENTRATION PAGE. As a BONUS – you will have up to 6 and no fewer than 3 BREADTH works on your breadth page… I might be making some changes to these pages as we move along so… be prepared to LISTEN CAREFULLY and FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS – I am hoping to streamline the process.

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