It’s Here – #Friday’s POST! Have a GREAT DAY!

Congratulations to Kate McAlonen, Cambree Ney, Mckenna Daams, Austin Hoefs, Zak Ksobiech, and Julia McKenna for having their work chosen to be part of the UW-Parkside 2016 “Art Party” – Video Soon. Kate McAlonen was awarded an Honorable Mention for her drawing “Life in the Pages” – a pastel and collage on paper still life.

Kate McAlonen “Life in the Pages” Pastel and Collage on Paper, 2016

#69 Color is not Neutral It has an emotional component. Certain colors have specific associations and induce certain responses. Learn what they are. When you use color, try to determine and understand the accompanying emotional response and how to use it effectively. Color has a visceral impact. – Kit White 101 Things  to Learn in Art School.


Studio Art 360: Color Wheel and Schemes!

Review with your neighbor the relationships of color on the color wheel.

COLOR and ART – Sandy Skoglund and Cheetos:

Review with neighbors the relationships of the colors on the color wheel? QUIZ one another on the names, types and relationships of the colors. (5, 9) ColorScheme: Sandy Skogl:


PAINTING: Hallways and Abstraction

As an individual, what do you think you are going to struggle with the most in Monday’s Critique.

Cookie’s and Critiques – MONDAY!

Thinking about MONDAY – What do you HOPE that you can learn from YOUR work and the work of OTHERS when we talk about it all?

Drawing: Kandinsky- Computer Lab – Google SlideShow

What are the BEST things you have  come up with in this artwork?

helen Miren and Kandinsky’s Paintings at MoMA:

Continue to write and perfect the statement. Upload images and statements to the Google Presentation –  This is DUE MONDAY! G: What did your FAVORITE part of this overall DEEP and difficult project? 


AP Studio Art: Concentration

Thinking about the work that you are doing… what are the visual skills that you feels you are developing? how has this year been beneficial to you so far?

Richard Estes in his Studio:

What is the ONE SKILL that you feel would be worth your time to continue to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on?  Richard Estes Working: 


What is the CENTRAL IDEA behind your concentration? Remember that you need to have a common thread / common theme / CENTRAL IDEA that ties your works together.

ASSIGNMENT PART 2: 3 concentration works. DUE NOVEMBER 21.

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