#Friday is here. Know that I Miss You All #Dearly. Now go make #Art.

Art is the product of process. “Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional, or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce. The materials you choose, the methods of production, and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention. The process does not stop with each work completed. It is ongoing. The cumulative result of that process is a body of work.” Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School

HEY ! Take a look at ALL of the images today. Read each section of the site that is pertinent to your class and then GET TO WORK!

This is what art teachers look like at lunch. Jen Dahl, Cassie Stephens, me (Frank Korb), and Nic Hahn.

Studio Art 360: A bit of still life and a bit of reflection.


PAINTING: Watercolor Last Day

Knowing we are critiquing on MONDAY – I will NOT assign a WRITTEN critique for this painting… What do you need to be REALLY focused on TODAY to WRAP THIS PAINTING UP? How is this collage / painting using traditional and contemporary ideas in the 1) Composition and 2) Techniques?

Georgia O’Keefe – One more painting – One more day. http://www.okeeffemuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/from-the-river-pale-909-1200×1604.jpg

Today is the last day for your painting. If you are done, step back… what can you do to ELEVATE the image? New marks? Lines? Shapes? What else can you do?

DRAWING: Kandinsky and Color Theory

Kandinsky is really hard. How are you working with the ideas about how he used color and shape? We’ll talk more about it Monday. Use the colored pencils or watercolors (I think I forgot to set the colored pencils out. Cabinets under the side counter by our kitchen table.) Keep working out your response and keep working through the colors and ideas on the brainstorming sheets I’ve given you. This is all on you.

What ONE bit of theory has stuck with you as we have talked about the works and ideas of Wassily Kandinsky? Can you use any of his ideas on color and shape in your work as it is developed?

Improvisation #30 (Cannons) Wassily Kandinsky… French, born Russia, 1866–1944 Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons), 1913 © 2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/citi/images/standard/WebLarge/WebImg_000276/189732_3296010.jp

What NEW ideas do you have about COLOR and Shape in the art you are creating now that we have had some conversation and learning about the ideas of Wassily Kandinsky?

AP Studio Art: Rubrics – 3 of them…

AP Judging Criteria is difficult. how is the conversation going? I have included a link HERE to access the blank rubric… what can you, as a group, do with it. Collaboratively? 3 versions? 2D Design, 3D Design, and Drawing. HERE is the link to the RUBRIC.

Henri Matisse…

What do you hope to learn / communicate in the FIRST THREE works you will be presenting (Monday we are talking about the progress on the RUBRIC to EVALUATE ALL of your works.

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