Interactiv 2016 – Communication 2.1

HELLO and good day to the June 16, 2016 Communication 2.1 with Frank Korb. I hope that you are able to stick around for the 20 minutes that it takes to watch the following video. If you leave, I will NEVER KNOW!

To the person who is standing there waiting for you to all sit and watch once you hit the play button on the YouTube video below

  • please make it full screen
  • check the volume
  • that’s it for 20 minutes

There is a survey I’d like to have you fill out at the end – – if you would like to. Thanks for joining me today – I hope your conference goes GREAT!

I hope that you enjoyed my presentation (or at the very least were able to get through it alright) and are able to use some of the ideas I am presenting to help create more 2.1 lines of communication with your students, parents, and the world.

Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts –!


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