Shadows and Portraits (@effjaygallery)

Drawing class at Waterford Union High School has begun the final work for the semester… for the year! The kids are developing a TRULY collaborative set of works of art based on the ideas of Todd Mrozinski and his body of works. Starting with the ideas of a shadow, the students are going to be tracing one another’s cast shadow as well as the cast shadow from a plant (or other organic object) and hopefully, if time allows, a human made object that is important to the individual artist whose portrait is being drawn. Working then in soft or oil pastels the young artists will be choosing a color scheme to render the works up. Dealing with the ideas of the diptych or triptych the art will represent the emotions and personality of the sitter. The ideas that have been shared in the studio began with my simple introduction to Todd Mrozinski’s work (seen below – website HERE) and have grown and grown with each passing moment of studio time.


The challenges of the day NOT being sunny helped make the students think outside of the normal cast shadow ideas and being required to work together has given them one another to bounce ideas off of. My drawing class from last year worked through this idea and I am excited to see the ideas of positive and negative space as well as the thoughts of color schemes and compositional choices happen.

Enjoy the images of the first couple days of progress.

Special thanks to Todd Mrozinski and Frank Juarez for the idea and connection.

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