#PostImpressionist and #Landscapes en Plein Air Paintings

Plein Air Painting: Post Impressionism – Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne – L’Estaque (1879-83), MoMA, Oil on canvas. http://www.moma.org/collection/browse_results.php?criteria=O%3AAD%3AE%3A1053&page_number=2&template_id=1&sort_order=1

  • NVAS: 1.2P: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.
  • Question to begin with: How did simplifying the shapes and forms of the landscape help you to see the space differently than if you were simply looking at the landscape as a gathering of trees, fields, roads, etc? How do you think you can to to use these “abstract ideas” to make the real space that you are seeing happen on your watercolor paper as representational paintings versus abstractions? Of the techniques you experimented with yesterday, what few stood out to you as approaches you’d like to continue with (and don’t forget the ever important WHY behind that answer)?

End of the Day Reflection (use the back of this page for more reflection space): From the day of being off campus – what were the areas of town that you were most drawn to? Why? From the abstractions yesterday, how did you use those ideas (did you) to start with and then move on from there to a more “representational” landscape in the finished paintings of today? Explain your answers. Lastly… what challenges did you find yourself really struggling with visually today in your paintings? Why? How did you work to solve them? Explain.

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