Welcome to #SummerVacation! #Congratulations #Graduates

Welcome to Summer! I am so happy that the year was as successful as it was! We had SO MANY great artworks created and new discoveries and skills developed. I look back on the year with great happiness and fulfillment and I hope all of the artists I had the opportunity to work with feel the same. I know there are going to be people I am going to really miss, but I also look forward to having the chance to work with a great NEW group of artists that are going to be coming up the ranks next year. But let’s not get a head of ourselves…

I wish all of you the best and most relaxing of summers. Those of you who have signed up for summer work – it is going to be a different approach for the summer month of mid-June through mid-July – you may not recognize me. The rest of you, keep making art, get out to museums and galleries, shop at art shows and support the local artists. Get out and see the world and appreciate all the beauty it has in it.

Relax and reflect on all you did this year. Your superstar moments and your – “oops, I can’t believe I did that” moments too. I look forward to seeing you all next year at school – or just wherever we happen to meet up again. Check out all the good things below on the website. Subscribe to the website if  you haven’t already. Follow me on facebook at ArtWithKorb and on twitter @fjkorb. Until later.

Frank Korb

Todd Mrozinski FB Post

Great Critique Drawers and Thanks Todd for the contributions.

Check out more of the FINAL PROJECTS from the year by clicking on the course names:


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