AP Studio Art Exam Results are In, and I am confused…

Art is...
Art is…

That time of the year is upon us and the Advanced Placement Studio Art Exam grades are in… I hope the portfolios make it back in time. I am, as always, a bit surprised by the evaluations… this year especially surprised. While the year was filled with great ups and some downs, the production of the portfolio always fills me with pride in the workings of the young artists. I am VERY proud of all the artists (whether you took the exam or didn’t) in the final products that you assembled. That said, more than the products that you have produced, I am proud of the process that you went through in the learning how to make your art. I saw NEW and BOLD ideas come out of the hands and minds of the AP Artists (and to be honest I CANNOT understand the rationale behind some of the scores that were reported). Stepping out of the box, out of the expected and “traditional” or “textbook” of the art room is what I encourage – and cannot talk about enough.

Congratulations to all of WUHS AP Studio Artists and be proud of the work you have produced. Take a look at the scores, take a look at the portfolios you created and reflect on the strengths and the shortcomings to try and understand the final numbers. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to contact me… I can try and work through the questions with you.

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