March 30 – Saturday – ABC’s of Art 2013

The Newest ABC of the Arts: X, Y and Z
By: Frank Korb

Frank Korb

Frank Korb

In 2002 and again in 2007, John Tusa of The Guardian wrote the ABC’s of what was facing the world of the arts and how to deal with them. Inspired by his ABC’s, these are my 26 thoughts on the importance of support of the arts in school systems and communities across the country / world.


W is for Wanting – There is something that everybody wants. Whether it be love, community, understanding, attention, conversation, or something else entirely. The visual arts offer these and more tho those who are interested enough in the investigation and risks that are involved. Go ahead… make a mistake, try something new, forge a path ahead that nobody else has had the courage to do as of yet. The visual arts DARE you!

X is for eXtraordinary – The use of eXtraordinary here is because the level of education that the visual arts offer to the community is just that, extraordinary. The images and thoughts that are offered, the levels of skill that are developed, the levels and expectations of visual understanding and thought set in front of the audience (and maker alike) are high. Hopefully just high enough that reaching for them is within the grasp of everyone. The end result is if those challenges are actually reached for and grasped by those that they are put in front of.

Y is for Youth – The kids are the future and we, the mature artists, are there for them. The youth of our community is challenged by what it is to make art, to appreciate art, and to learn from art. Why we, as artists, are all here is to help them know about the importance of the arts in their developmental opportunities toward acquiring the knowledge, skills and experiences to become successful and responsible adults.

Z is for Zackenstil – While this zig-zag style of art (created in the 13th-century) was used in sculpture, painting, stained glass and manuscript illumination (and is reputedly an offshoot of the angularly-draped clothing one sees on human figures in Byzantine art) helps to demonstrate the wide variety of approaches to making art. The arts elevate the ideas of learning and through the academics as well as lifelong learning of our community and world. The arts brings the rest of out existence to a new and higher level.


NEXT WEEK: A – Z One More Time!

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