Thursday – Feb. 24, 2011

Art Foundations – You Tube Link

  1. Work on designing PATTERN background for portrait.
  2. Know about mixed media, symbolism, technique, and abstraction.
  3. Work on Technique in Watercolor Experimentation – LINK TO SAMPLE

AP Studio Art – You Tube Link

  1. feelings to create an artwork.
  2. Work on FEAR piece for Breadth.
  3. Generalize and discuss process and progress on FEAR thus far.

Drawing – You Tube Link – click here to see images from Chris Ovdiyenko

  1. Understand critiquing from Chapter 2 in textbook.
  2. Work on value drawings.
  3. Understand the technique you have been using in the application of value.
  4. FIANLIZE and work on value scale drawing.
  5. Reflect on own work to find similarities and differences in photo and drawing.

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