Who’s descending the staircase? Could it be YOU?

#Goals – POSTING TIME CHANGE – 7:00 AM versus 6:00 AM – MORE TO RT on Twitter!

“Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.” — Debbie Ford

Art Foundations: Working on Colors


  1. 1.4 Define color schemes using analysis (what are the colors that we, as painters / drawers use to make all the other colors?)

Review with neighbors the relationships of the colors on the color wheel? QUIZ one another on the names, types and relationships of the colors. (5, 9)  – CREATE A CLC SHEET ASAP MONDAY! Assignment – FOR WEDNESDAY – Bring in a PHOTOGRAPH / Advertisement of a POPULAR CULTURE IMAGE (product, celebrity, OBJECT – Not a Drawing / Cartoon… Something that is of interest to you.

Drawing: Genius Hour


  1. 1.4 create, define, and solve visual challenges using 1.4.1 analysis (breaking up the artwork / subject matter to basic elements), 1.4.2 synthesis (put all the parts of a work together to form a whole), 1.4.3 evaluation [critique] (formative and summative reflections about your artwork)

Share your ideas with ONE classmate and WRITE in your BINDER – What have I accomplished today. What am I doing / knowing better today than I was yesterday?

AP Studio Art: Duchamp is in your Head!


  1. 2.3 create artworks that solve visual challenges – NOW STOP and think about the GOAL you have for this ARTWORK – WRITE IT DOWN.  Same colors  Duchamp used. White, black, sanguine.

What do you feel is different about treating this DRAWING from last week and transforming it into an ARTWORK?  

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