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#13 Each generation gets to reinvent art in its own image. Because art is an act of description, it is inevitable that what it describes will reflect every generation’s bias of the moment. It is not a strict reflection of a time but an interpretation rendered in a language that is always in a state of transformation. Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School


As we end the quarter – please look at the skills and ideas you have developed (or may have already had) over these 8 weeks. Pretty impressive? I think so. One of the most common requests I get is to “let us do our OWN thing.” Well… talk about that with your neighbors – What is ONE ARTWORK that you would like to pursue – Anything you want – the sky’s the limit!

Studio Art 360: A bit of still life and a bit of reflection.

As you examine this work of art, what are the larger SKILLS you have developed in the process?

Process Over Product – This is a CHALLENGING concept: https://s3.amazonaws.com/easel.ly/all_easels/45467/Process_over_Product/image.jpg

As artists, we are in it for the process of MAKING ART, not necessarily worrying about the finished product. How do you feel about the idea of  PROCESS versus PRODUCT? 


Critique with the AP Studio Art Class – As an individual, what do you think you are going to struggle with the most in today’s (and tomorrow – and maybe Wednesday’s) Critique.


What one thing did you add to the critique that nobody else did? 


DRAWING: Kandinsky and Color Theory

How are you using geometric shapes in your life? How do you relate meaning to them? What are some shapes that are dominant in your life?

Wassily Kandinsky, Drawing for Etching II. 1916, https://uploads6.wikiart.org/images/wassily-kandinsky/drawing-for-etching-ii-1916.jpg

What NEW ideas might you have had about COLOR and Shape in the art you were creating?


AP Studio Art: Rubrics – 3 of them…

AP Judging Criteria is difficult. how did the conversation go? I’ve included a link HERE to access the blank rubric. Did you, as a group, work with it collaboratively? 3 versions? 2D Design, 3D Design, and Drawing. HERE is the link to the RUBRIC.

Beginning on the FIRST set of 3 works… What is the CENTRAL IDEA behind your concentration? Remember that you need to have a common thread / common theme / CENTRAL IDEA that ties your works together. Work on THIS with me – let’s explore our ideas!

Michael Berryhill – Contemporary Artist WEBSITE

What did your conversation with your classmates help you do, help you explain / understand as you move your work forward?

ASSIGNMENT PART 1: 3 concentration works. DUE NOVEMBER 7.

Assignment Part 2: 200 Images – All On You Own. Due on NOVEMBER 6, 2016 at 11:59PM. You need to use the school based Google Drive: LINK HERE

#Monday Already? That’s OK – Let’s Make it #mARTday instead!

“There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.”  —Og Mandino

Painting and Advanced Painting: Hallway Drawing / Painting

From REAL to ABSTRACT the Story of Piet Mondrain… http://www.theartstory.org/images20/works/mondrian_piet_1.jpg


  • 1.2Ac: Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan works of art and design
  • Looking at yesterday’s one or two simplifications, name 3 of the larger GEOMETRIC shapes that are beginning to develop in your composition. Describe HOW the idea of SPACE changing in your composition.

Reflection / Evaluation: How does the ORIGINAL image still show up in the space that you are creating? How do you feel the work is developing as a successful or unsuccessful? Give Specifics!

Studio Art 360: Value and DRAWING!

PROCESS instead of PRODUCT! https://s3.amazonaws.com/easel.ly/all_easels/45467/Process_over_Product/image.jpg


  • 8.1P: Interpret an artwork or collection of works, supported by relevant and sufficient evidence found in the work and its various contexts.
  • As you examine this work of art, what are the larger SKILLS you have developed in the process?

Reflection / Evaluation: As artists, we are in it for the process of MAKING ART, not necessarily worrying about the finished product. How do you feel about the idea of  PROCESS versus PRODUCT?

AP Studio Art: Trading Cards – DISCUSSION

WONDERFUL ART CARDS: https://spaark.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/dsc_04262.jpg


  • G: 4.2Ad: Critique, justify, and present choices in the process of analyzing, selecting, curating, and presenting artwork for a specific exhibit or event.
  • As you look at your trading cards (and your larger idea of body of work) if you had to choose the Element or Principle that you feel you are the strongest with, what is it and WHY? How about the WEAKEST – Why?

Reflection / Evaluation: What NEW ideas do you have about the use of or understanding behind the elements and principles you have been faced with today?

Drawing: Kandinsky and Shapes!


  • .1Ac: Make, explain, and justify connections between artists or artwork and social, cultural, and political history.
  • What is it about the song you have chosen that really stood out to you as one worth using as the basis for an art work? This was a BIG decision on your part. Having to put it into words is important for you.  What is ONE things that STANDS OUT as that connects the two works of art?

Reflection / Evaluation:  SHARE YOUR THEORY AND DRAWING WITH YOUR CLASSMATE – Last 5 Minutes – CONVERSATION and write down what you have learned from your classmate.

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