#Tuesday is #ArtDay

Art is the product of process. “Whether conceptual, experimental, emotional, or formal, the process you develop yields the image you produce. The materials you choose, the methods of production, and the sources of the images should all reflect the interests that command your attention. The process does not stop with each work completed. It is ongoing. The cumulative result of that process is a body of work.” Kit White 101 Things I Learned in Art School

Studio Art 360: Sketchbook Assignment and EXAMPLES

FIVE weeks into sketchbooks – what are you accomplishing with the TOOLS of drawing that you have struggled on in the previous sketches – or what are you doing better in this week’s class work that you can put into your sketchbook assignment?

Tell me about your thoughts regarding ABSTRACTIONS and UNITY as we looked at this?

Extra Credit – Watch this video and write up a one paragraph (12 sentence) statement about your response, reaction, interest, curiosity about Gary Petersen’s Artwork. Speak specifically about some of his works -mention it BY NAME and the TIME in the video I can find it. List the Why’s and Becauses regarding why you respond to it the way you do. A well written statement will be worth a week’s sketchbook as A’s – one extra set of A’s in your grades for taking the time to Understand (Arts) Community: Learning to interact as an artist with other artists (i.e., in classrooms, in local arts organizations, and across the art field) and within the broader society. Arts is in parenthesis here as it can easily be switched with other disciplines, like science or history.

Painting: Personal Reflection and Meaning – and PAINT!

How do you feel that working with WATERCOLORS might take you to the next medium of Acrylic? Based on PAST EXPERIENCES… what similarities do you see being part of the process?

Georgia O’Keefe:   http://www.wtamu.edu/library/okeeffe/images/lightontheplains2_credit.jpg

Biggest accomplishment with the watercolor today? how have you seen GROWTH as an artist so far? 

Drawing: Pencils and Paper and NESTS!


What feelings do you get from specific pieces of music? Give some examples. Rap / Country / Reggae / Bossa Nova

Music and Art: http://scienceillustrated.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/music.jpg

What shapes did you struggle to find? What ideas did you find as you listened to the music?

AP Studio Art: Concentration and YOU!

How do you plan on moving forward with your body of work – REVIEW THE IDEAS in the AP HANDOUT about CONCENTRATIONS – SLIDE SHOW from AP CONFERENCE. 5 thumbnails THREE FINAL WORKS in TWO WEEKS. One work a day – Never the same work two days in  row. ALVERNO NOTES – Talk about the ideas of how works are developed E and E…

Body of Work – Gustav Klimt: http://cdn.european-traveler.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/klimt-belvedere-vienna-570×379.jpg

What is your FIRST inclination of your CONCENTRATION going to be about? SHARE YOUR IDEAS with your neighbor and MAKE A NOTE in your head as to where you are. 


#Disney Day during #Homecoming Week – #SnowWhite RULES!

What Difference does it make whether you’re looking at a photograph or looking at a still life in front of you? You still have to look. Chuck Close

Whistle while you work!
Whistle while you work!

Painting and Advanced Painting: PAINTING – WRAP IT UP!

Monochromatic Blue O’Keefe: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4a/Brooklyn_Museum_-_Blue_1_-_Georgia_O’Keeffe.jpg


  • 3.1Ac: Engage in constructive critique with peers, then reflect on, re-engage, revise, and refine works of art and design in response to personal artistic vision.
  • Looking at the work in front of you – and knowing we are critiquing on MONDAY and TUESDAY – What CRITERIA would you consider as we begin to consider evaluation? Please consider some of the NATIONAL VISUAL STANDARDS as you write this one up – it may take a few minutes to complete this before you begin PAINTING!

Reflection / Evaluation: What CRITERIA are you focused on in the creation of your work? Are you drawn to that criteria in additional works you make?

Studio Art 360: Boxes/ Sculpture / Paper Mache

Even MORE Fun with Paper Mache and Cardboard: https://korbartwuhs.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/ab287-deerblogphotos25282of92529.jpg


  • 10.1P: Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated.
  • These forms may not be your MASTERPIECE of all time, but they did require focus, work, and attention to detail. Looking at ALL the FORMS you created, what do you feel about the ease or difficulty about creating a work of art.

Reflection / Evaluation: If you are NOT done with the paper mache forms, what 2 or 3 things do you think held you back in the process? If you ARE done… close to being done… what are 2 or 3 specific criteria that you would use to judge your work as successful or unsuccessful and WHY?

AP Studio Art: Plants and Drawing! Time to WORK!

Jim Dine’s: http://p1.la-img.com/335/1786/768265_2_l.jpg
Expression Plant
Frank Korb’s Version…


Reflection / Evaluation: What have you added to this composition that is NEW to you? Something that you have NOT done in the past. Anything that is new…

Drawing: Kandinsky and Shapes!

What do these shapes mean to you? http://littleguyintheeye.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/shapes-in-nature.jpg


  • 2.3Ac: Redesign an object, system, place, or design in response to contemporary issues.
  • How are you using geometric shapes in your life? How do you relate meaning to them? What are some shapes that are dominant in your life?

Reflection / Evaluation: What NEW ideas might you have had about COLOR and Shape in the art you were creating?

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