I got rhythm, I got music, I got my art class, who could ask for anything more?

“What difference does it make whether you’re looking at a photograph or looking at a still life in front of you? You still have to look.”

– Chuck Close!

Regardless of WHAT you are drawing or what you are looking at… make sure that you keep looking!


Advanced Drawing: Let’s continue working on the drawings. Give yourself a bit of time to THINK about what you are doing.


How are you combining the visuals that you have chosen into one strong and moving artwork?


  1. 2.4 compare different points of view regarding composition and meaning in artwork
  2. 2.5 defend personal evaluations

What has been your most successful are of this drawing today?


Art Foundations: Pattern – Chapter 8. Let’s draw out some variations and versions of patterns that we see.



  1. (5.3) Describe meaning of artwork by analyzing technique and use of line AND pattern.
  2. (3.2) apply patterns and line to solve visual challenges.

What kinds of Pattern are you drawn to? What is your favorite type of pattern?


AP Studio Art: Plant Drawings – How are things going? Jim Dine – Self-Portrait on the WallVideo!

How are you using COLOR or Value to tie it all together?


  1. 1.1 apply media, techniques, and processes with (1.1.3) an awareness so that your ideas are executed well.
  2. (2.3) create artworks that solve visual challenges and (2.2) evaluate the effectiveness of artworks.

What materials have you used today? How are you using COLOR or VALUE or WHAT ELSE to tie it all together?

Parents… have you eaten YOUR frog yet this morning?

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog

Good Luck Eating THIS frog in the morning… YUCK!


Advanced Drawing: Drawing Paper – Figure and Paper Bag Drawing – Relationships and Meaning – HOW ARE GOING BIGGER?!

What element do you think is emphasized in this drawing? Tell your neighbor.
  1. 1.2 create art that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.1 materials
  2. 1.3 communicate ideas clearly

Talk to your neighbor / partner about the meaning behind your work. What SKILLS are you hoping to develop in this drawing? What MESSAGE are you hoping to communicate through this work?


Art Foundations: Contour Line Drawings and Chapter 1

PATTERN – CHAPTER 7 – What type of pattern describes YOU?
  1. Work on (1.1.1, 3) applying media and techniques with skill and awareness (of HOW you are using line).
  2. (2.2) Evaluate the effectiveness of how line is working to define your portrait.

What types of lines are you using? Where do you find it easiest to use the idea of line / contour to represent the face / form? What is the most challenging portion of the face to successfully create? Share with your classmates.



Inspired by the workings of Jim Dine… http://createthreesixty5.com/ is a blog by an art student who KNOWS what it is to be inspired by nature (and other artists).
  1. 2.2 evaluate the effectiveness of artworks.
  2. 5.3 describe meanings of artworks by analyzing 5.3.1 techniques.

Do you find meaning in your work? Do you find something interesting in the plants? What is challenging you?

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