How good are YOU looking today? How good are you LOOKING today?

“Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy.” – Barack Obama, SOTU 2014

Art Foundations: Line / Contour Line PORTRAITS

Hands can be REALLY hard – make it more enjoyable, less stressful… Let’s give it a try shall we?


  1. Apply ideas of Observation in art and use skill to solve visual challenges of Continuous Line Contour Drawings
  2. Create Portraits that demonstrates an understanding of how your ideas relate to the 1.2.2 TECHNIQUES of CONTOUR Line Drawings

What is the most challenging aspect of the hand drawing / line? What emotions have you chosen to represent yourself? Why? What variety of lines do you hope to use in the process of creating your self-portrait?

Drawing: Still Life – SELF / GROUP Mid Crit! Things to look at before talking / writing about art – CLICK HERE

Let’s line up the critics… “tell me about your art…” Begin at 18:20


  1. (2.1) form criticism (Mid Critique) about Still Life Drawings inspired from Classroom Still Life.
  2. (3.3) describe the creation of OBSERVATIONAL drawings and ideas and explain why they are of value.

What are the differences you are finding with the various types of pencils? What do YOU find useful from today’s exercise in the CRIT?

AP Studio Art: WORK – Next Week – COMPUTER LAB – Upload!

Everything tastes better with Bacon… even Francis Bacon.


  1. What GOALS do you have for yourself? Really? What are your objectives?
  2. Solve visual challenges on the CONCENTRATION works for MONDAY

What bit of advice did you get from your classmates as they walked through the class today? What can you put to use? What bit of advice did you give that might be used elsewhere? What are your goals for the next work(s) that will show your development?  

Elements are the building blocks of art. What are you focused on? Line? Space? Value?

“Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy.” – President Barack Obama, SOTU 2014

Art Foundations: Line, Unity, Abstract Expressionism, Non-Objective Art – Process

How has Pablo Picasso used line to create this image of Igor Stravinsky? What kinds of line did he use?


  1. (4.2) describe the purpose and meaning of art objects within different cultures, times, and places. (Non Objective… what are we  / you trying to accomplish? What is the point of this first project?)

How has the use of the BLACK ACRYLIC paint UNIFIED your work? What techniques did you try? What types of lines STILL Stand out?

Drawing: Still Life, Thumbnail and Composition

Georgio Morandi and his compositions… what are you doing in your drawing to make this an interesting in your composition?


  1. (1.4) Solve visual challenges using shape and value (analysis) to successfully execute your still life.
  2. (1.1) Apply DRAWING PENCILS with awareness so that your ideas are executed well.

What have you done to really figure out the composition? How have you filled in the space? What makes the space interesting? 

AP Studio Art: Concentration – DUE MONDAY!

Jenny Saville in her studio space. how are you working more than one art piece at a time?


  1. Solve visual challenges on the CONCENTRATION works for Friday.

What is happening in your work? What is working in your art? Where are you struggling?

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