#Two #Days of #Art. What do you have to do in order to #FINISH and #LEARN?

“This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Studio Art 360: PRINT and Clean and REVIEW!

Would you like to print today? That’s what we’re doing! http://www.kala.org/images/class/individual/robinson-printing.jpg


  • 1.1P: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.
  • What do you need to do in order to be ready to PRINT in 15 minutes?

How have you chosen to use shapes? Are you looking at GEOMETRIC over ORGANIC? Hard Edged or Soft Edged? What mood – feeling do you take from your initial drawings? 

Painting: Paint and RESOLVE the image.

Edward Hopper – One of the GREATEST PAINTERS! Look at his WEBSITE – on your own – HERE.



  • 2.1Ac: Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.
  • What is it you need to be working on ONLINE to be ready for Friday? What snacks are you bringing for the POT-LUCK?

What do you hope to accomplish in the creation of this work? what messages are you communicating in this painting?

AP Studio Art – Let’s CRIT!

Elizabeth Peyton – I’ve talked about her before – let’s look one more time – it is FUN and FRESH work! Here is a BIO.


  • 3.1Ad: Reflect on, re-engage, revise, and refine works of art or design considering relevant traditional and contemporary criteria as well as personal artistic vision.
  • How many images do you have up on your site? Are your questions answered?

How have you ADVANCED in your work this semester? What is ONE THING that you have seen as a new strength?

Tomorrow at MIDNIGHT CHAPTER 9 is due in Art and Fear Blog. Last Chapter!

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